Training Your Ferret – The Basics

a ferret nipping on a glas

Ferrets are the third most popular pet in the United States, and people love them for their energetic and active behavior. Ferrets are inquisitive and curious, and they have a quest and tremendous capacity to learn. Contrary to popular belief, they respond well to training, all due to their high intelligence.  You need Patience The … Read more

Traveling With Your Ferrets

two ferrets looking into the camera

Traveling with your pet ferret requires a certain amount of preparation and care. If you’re flying, the options may be limited. Traveling by car is recommended, but it has its dangers. When you take your ferret on a more extended outing, you’ll have to be sure they’re in the loop regarding medications and immunizations, and … Read more

12 Things to Know About Ferrets

a ferret lying on a blue sheet

As a pet parent to a ferret, there are certain things you need to understand about the unique personalities of ferrets. Tending to ferrets necessitate the purchase of certain products, as well as taking some specific steps to maximize comfort to ensure that your ferrets remain healthy and happy.  Our guide explains why ferrets aren’t … Read more

Handling Your Ferret

a hand holding a ferret

While ferrets do make for an excellent companion pet, you have to be aware of the fact that these pets have different personalities and behaviors. Nevertheless, for many years, they have been domesticated. We will discuss few simple ways in which you can bond with ferrets. Here are some strategies for bonding; Be Patient with … Read more

10 Ferret Myths And Conceptions

ferret sitting on a lab and being held by one hand

Ferrets make awesome pets, but one of the things holding them back is various myths about these furry cuties. These myths range from that they are stinky biters to that they carry rabies and so many other falsehoods labeled on these guys. Nevertheless, in this post, we debunk ten of those myths and misconceptions many … Read more

How To Train Your Ferret To Walk On A Leash

two ferrets walking on a leash

First of all, you need to know that some ferrets like leash walking while others don’t. Some will resist at first, but over time they learn to like it. The best way to find out if your ferret enjoys walking on a leash is to try it. If your ferret doesn’t want it, that’s okay; do … Read more

Pros And Cons Of Owning A Ferret

a ferret sitting on a chair looking at something

Ferrets are intelligent and entertaining animals, which makes it very easy to fall in love with them. Like most pets, however, it is not wise to pick them up without first carefully considering whether you really can care for them.  There are pros and cons to owning a ferret, so make sure to consider them … Read more

Problems With Keeping Ferrets As Pets

a ferret sitting on a piano (1)

Ferrets are small domestic animals whose name is derived from a Latin word that means “Little thief.” This animal is known for its smartness and inquisitive nature. The animals have some exceptional features and unique needs that require your attention in order to keep them safe and healthy. Why Keeping Ferrets as Pets? Keeping ferrets … Read more

How To Keep A Single Ferret Happy

a ferret playing with a paper box

There is a huge difference between living and existing in this world. This statement is true for ferrets the same way it applies to people. Lots of people know the source of their happiness and are free to go for these things. Ferrets don’t have the same freedom as people to chase their happiness.  They … Read more