How to Properly Clean your Ferret’s Ears

a greyhound type ferret looking into the camera

It is essential to check and clean your ferrets’ ears regularly and check for ear mites every week. Keeping your ferret’s ears clean and dry will help eliminate the risk of infection. It is very common for ferret owners to be too concerned about cleaning the ears of their ferrets. However, they may not be …

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First Aid Kit For Ferrets

a ferret in front of sume medical devices and some medicine pills scissors and so on

It is highly recommended always to have a first aid kit on hand so you can take care of your ferret should the situation arise. You can buy a ferret first aid kit from your local veterinary clinic or pet supply store. If you feel like making one yourself, it will be cheaper and better …

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Christmas with your Ferret FAQ

a ferret on a white background looking at some christmas decoration

Ferrets and Christmas trees can be a dangerous mix. When trees are brought into the home, be sure to supervise your ferrets while they are in that room and keep them away from the tree. When it comes time to decorate a Christmas tree, you may find that your ferret is interested in all of …

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Can Ferrets Have Apple Cider Vinegar?

a ferret on a white background looking atapples and apple cider vinegar

This simple question has captured the imaginations of thousands of people over the years. And it’s not just because it sounds like a fun way to try different things, but also because there is a general assumption that ferrets can’t have apple cider vinegar — and yet, some people swear by its benefits. Let’s take …

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Should I get a Male or Female Ferret?

two ferrets that cuddel in their sleep

I am not sure if it is just me, but ferrets are cute and cuddly little creatures. They seem like they would make excellent pets, especially since they are so intelligent. However, before getting one as a pet, there are things you should consider first. This blog post discusses what you need to look at …

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How to Keep Your Ferrets Hydrated

ferret looks at green cupp wants to drink

There is no shortage of options when choosing a ferret water bottle. You can choose from plastic or glass bottles, and there are many different sizes available. These water bottles come in different sizes, so you’ll find one that fits perfectly into your ferrets’ environment. Occasionally, ferrets have trouble drinking from bowls and bottles; water …

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Can Ferrets Have Chicken Hearts?

a ferret on a white background looking at some raw chicken hearts

Can ferrets have chicken hearts? The answer is yes! Ferrets can eat just about any animal meat you offer them, and chicken hearts are no exception. Ferret owners should feed their animals a high-quality meat-based diet that includes a variety of fresh meat and organs as well as raw bones. This will help them stay …

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Can Ferrets Eat Lamb Bones

raw lamb with bones on a stone table

Ferrets are becoming more and more popular again with pet owners, some of whom are now asking if it is safe to feed their ferret’s bones or not?  Lamb’s bones provide good nutrition for your ferret, and while many other types of meat such as chicken, turkey, and beef will also be good options for …

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Can Ferrets Eat Olives

a ferret on a white background looking at some green olives in a small bowl_1

Ferrets are known for being energetic and playful animals who are very popular as pets. They need a healthy diet to stay active and fit. Their need for protein, along with their exclusive digestive system that lacks sufficient parts to process many foods, means that ferrets should have to be very “careful” what to eat. …

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324 Funny Ferret Names

angora ferret looking at camera

So you finally made up your mind and want to adopt a ferret! Great – Ferrets are adorable, playful, and highly energetic. What name should you give your new ferret? It can be difficult to find a name that’s appropriate for your ferret. There are plenty of names out there that would suit just the …

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