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Some Basics About The Golden Retriever

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Golden retrievers are extremely popular in the United States and have played the “Rainsong” scenario for over a century. However, the breed originated in Scotland, helping their owners to hunt large game and game worth eating.

The dogs are widely used by sportspeople, as they perform a range of tasks that require great strength, endurance, and agility.

Some interesting facts about the Golden Retriever.

• Functionally, three classes of the breed relate to the type of work they perform. They are the sporting, the show, and the working class.

• When it comes to the working breed, retrievers belong to the herding class. They are popular because of their intelligence and hardiness. They are a type of dog that learns by observation and good training.

• Another popular type of retriever is the show type. They are trained to perform the task of a working retriever, but they can also be trained as a companion dog or a family pet. They are used by the sporting class for retrieving fowl in water.

• Retrievers meant primarily as working dogs. They are used by gamekeepers and hunters to locate and return downed game.

• Over the years, golden retrievers have been bred to have a specific look, or breed type, to perform specific tasks.

• They are great companions and are capable of handling many dangers.

• Golden retrievers are very smart. In fact, studies have proved that they can learn while they’re young, as old as 20 weeks, and even older than 8 years.

• They have a fair share of health issues. Common health problems of the breed include hip dysplasia, allergies, congenital eye defects, and cataracts.

A dog is a friend to many people. What they may lack in physical energy, they more than give in affection and loyalty.

These dogs keep us active and doors open at home. They’re always ready to play or go for a walk.

Their big, brown eyes and their happy wagging tail are enough to make anyone’s day. Their friendly nature and their happy disposition are what make them so special.

Many of us look at Golden retrievers and think of a large, powerful dog. We underestimate the love and devotion those dogs bring to a person.

In the United States, the AKC allows the dog to be registered in two varieties: the smooth breed and the other is the “blond” variety. (read..

So the difference in their looks between the two varieties is minor. The health of the two types is almost identical.

Golden Retrievers, Are They For You?

Golden Retrievers are friendly, good-natured, intelligent, and loyal canine companions. They’re perfect family pets, but these loyal dogs aren’t for everyone.

While it’s impressive that these dogs are bouncy and playful, their gracefulness should accompany a need for discipline.

While Goldens Retrievers are highly trainable and eager to please, they can be overly exuberant at times.

These dogs love to play, and a simple bone or chew toy can seriously hamper training.

Grooming your Golden Retriever

They require a lot of grooming. Regular brushing is required to keep the coat dense and shiny. Less grooming is required for an adult dog.

Use a very soft brush, ideally made of metal, as Goldens shed. Brushing once a day will probably suffice.

Exercises are Essential For Your Golden Retriever

Daily exercise is absolutely necessary for Golden Retriever pets. Energy is one of the leading components of their being, and without physical activities, they’ll be miserable.

Anyone intending to purchase a Golden Retriever Puppy should understand that this dog requires a substantial amount of activity.

Their happiness depends upon having a steady stream of exercise.

Intelligent and obedient are the characteristics that are most highly demanded from Golden Retriever pets.

Other traits like trainability, good temperament, and balanced temperament are simply not possible for a dog to have without regular activity and an even temperament.

This breed loves to eat. They’ll eat anything and probably eat it all – including other dog toys.

They’re not picky about what they eat, but you’d be surprised what they will try and eat. It’s a good idea to keep snack foods well out of reach.

They love’s no surprise that these dogs love to swim. They have the ability to withstand all types of weather, including rain and snow.

They’re also wonderful swimmers

They’re good with children. There’s no doubt that Golden Retriever pets are ideal family pets. They have the ability to handle a lot of rough play without getting too upset.

Golden Retriever Usually are of Good Temperament

As mentioned above, they may tend to chew. Particularly at their puppy stage, they will put everything in their mouths.

It’s a good idea to get them properly trained at this stage before they transition this habit into adulthood.

The Golden retriever is one of the most loving and caring breeds. When looking to add a furry friend to your life, you need to look no further. A golden retriever is a friend for life.

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