Reasons Why Ferrets Are So Cute!

two ferrets that cuddel in their sleep

Ferrets are adorable creatures. They are highly sentient animals with a very distinct language. Ferrets have very possible intelligence beyond that of even dogs. But what makes ferrets, without a doubt, the most fun animals to have? Why are they among the cutest and adorable creatures known in the universe? Let us explain. First – … Read more

The Best Ferret Games

brown ferret in front of white background

Ferrets are loveable and intelligent creatures. They are playful and energetic, and very social. This means that they love being entertained. With various toys at your disposal, you can give your ferret hours of peace and entertainment by giving them a new toy every day or every week. This article will inform you about the … Read more

What Age Can Ferrets Eat Raw Meat?


Baby ferrets are called kits. Adult ferrets usually eat a meal consisting of raw meat or kibble. Ferrets are obligate carnivores, meaning they need to eat meat-based foods. But at what age can your ferret start eating raw meat? The answer to your question is: Kits can start eating raw meat around 5-6 weeks. Ok. … Read more

Can I Give My Ferret Catnip

a ferret with a toy in its mouth

Maybe you want to buy a new toy for your ferret. And the one you have your eye on is a cat toy, and it’s stuffed with catnip. But you’re not sure if your ferrets can play with toys that are stuffed with catnip? The answer is yes. But be careful; ferrets are a little … Read more

Top 9 Ferret Myths – True or False?

a bigger ferret tiredly looking at the camera

Ferrets are adorable and very social creatures. And I find it hard not to love them. But that doesn’t mean they’re suitable for everyone. I guess if you wanted to, you could always find reasons why NOT to get a ferret. Here are some of the common myths about why you should not get a … Read more

Can Ferrets See in The Dark

a ferret inside a house in the dark

Ferrets are not nocturnal as many people think, but Ferrets are crepuscular. That means they are most active at dawn and dusk. So now you may wonder if ferrets have good eyesight? And are they particularly good at seeing at night? The answer is no. They can not see in the dark. They are very … Read more

What’s Special About Pet Ferrets?

a ferret sitting on a chair looking at something

Ferrets are a domesticated animal that is often found as pets in many homes across the country. What makes them so special? They are furry, cuddly, and social animals that can be trained to do tricks for you! Special Ferret Facts Their Smell is Very Special Many people find the ferret’s scent appealing. They have … Read more

Nip Training Your Ferret

white fur ferret with black eyes looking into vmera held by a hand in the neck

Ferrets nip. They don’t mean to be mean. Kits nip in play, and some ferrets bite out of aggression or fear because they have only ever encountered humans in a painful or frightening manner. As long as the trainer is patient and willing to make the commitment to help the ferret become a better pet, … Read more