Can Ferrets Eat Pretzels?

Ferrets are gaining in popularity as pets, but many people wonder if they can feed them certain things that are not meat-based. Read this post to determine whether ferrets can eat pretzels and what food you should give your pet instead.

Many people have questions about whether or not their ferret is allowed to eat pretzels. Now, here is your answer: Ferrets should NOT eat pretzels! 

But why should Ferrets not eat pretzels?

Ferrets are obligate carnivores (strict meat-eaters). That means they have digestive systems that work best if they eat meat. As a result, their bodies cannot process carbohydrates well, and they really should not feast on things like pretzels and crackers. 

Not only would it not be suitable for their bodies, but it could cause severe health issues if fed regularly. 

What happens if Ferrets Eat Pretzels?

If ferrets eat pretzels, they run the risk of getting intestinal blockages, which can lead to death. Pretzels are made from a grain called wheat and contain another carbohydrate that can slowly poison your pet. 

Additionally, the carbohydrates in pretzels ferrets can’t break down and will provide no valuable energy. Therefore, a small, accidental feeding should be acceptable, but the pretzels should not be fed regularly!

Ferrets Are Prone to Develop Diabetes

If ferrets eat sugar, they are prone to developing a condition called Diabetes. Is this really an issue? Yes! If you have a diabetic ferret, the sugar in foods causes a severe increase in sugar levels in their blood and can cause significant health problems. 

With Pretzels it is more about the wheat/flour and salt that is added. Ferrets should never eat anything that is seasoned.

Feeding them pretzels can cause stomach upsets such as bloating, constipation, and diarrhea. In extreme cases, it can lead to intestinal blockage

Pretzels are NOT suitable food for them. While pretzels do contain carbohydrates and fiber, it also contains grains that can cause serious health issues for your pet.

Ferrets and Fruits

The sugar contained in fruits is hazardous for ferrets too. Do not let have your ferret fruits of any kind! Foods that contain starch or sugar should be avoided at all times! 

This could lead so far that your furry friend develops a so-called Insulinoma. This a cancer of the pancreatic cells. The only way to treat this condition is surgery.

Sadly the life expectancy even after a successful operation on average is roughly only 500 days. 

How About Vegetables?

No vegetables for your ferret either! They can not properly digest them. They are of no value for their health. 

Things such as intestinal blockage could occur due to the fibers in vegetables. Ferrets are strict meat-eaters! 

What should you feed to Your Ferret Instead?

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The best thing for your ferret would be a piece of any meat. The following ingredients are examples of what ferrets can eat: 

Chicken, chicken wings, eggs, fish (sometimes), bones, turkey, game bird, lamb, beef, and organs such as kidney or liver are good choices. 

Raw meat is the best way to go as it doesn’t contain any additives or unhealthy preservatives!

When should you start feeding your ferret meat?

Around the age of 5 weeks, ferrets have grown their baby teeth. By this time, they are weaned and should already start eating solid food. It’s the right time to introduce meat. 

Don’t worry if they don’t eat it at first. Kits will need to taste it a few times before they will entirely eat it! Their mother also plays a role – if she eats raw meat, the chances are that her little ones will also! 

The best way to introduce baby ferrets to “solid” food is to mix kibble with some water to make it slightly softer. This way, they won’t hurt themselves while eating it. You can then add some pieces of raw chicken breast on top of it. 

That way, they get used to eating raw meat at a young age. It is essential to introduce them gradually. Over time you can increase the amount of meat you give them. Ferrets are imprinted to their foods by the age of 4-6 months. 

If they only had a kibble diet in their first months, chances are that it will take a lot of effort to teach them that eating meat is good later in life. 

Ferret Kibble: Is It Okay To Feed Them That?

Yes. Kibble, made especially for ferrets, has all the ingredients they need. It is rich in protein and fats. Ferrets love eating kibble. 

You can store kibble in a food container, that way, you always have a meal ready for your furry friend. Your ferret will do just fine just on kibble. 

But that doesn’t mean that you only should feed them kibble. You can mix kibble with a bit of raw meat for a little bit of variety. 

Generally, your ferret’s diet should consist of 32 – 38% protein and 15 – 20% fat – animal-based! No vegetables or fruits whatsoever! 

Feeding Them Feeder Rats And Mice

feeder mice packed for storage

Ferrets are obligate carnivores. Therefore they can eat feeder rats and mice without any problems. Whole prey is actually the most natural way to feed your ferret. 

But I understand. Not all people like to have dead mice in their fridges. You could put together a mixture of meats (Frankenprey) to “simulate” whole prey. 

Here is what the ideal “Frankenprey” should look like

Ideal ratios to follow as a guide for feeding a Frankenprey diet for ferrets would be:
75-80% – raw meat (Inc. 15% Heart),
10-15% – edible bone
5% Liver,
5% Other Organ.

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Ferrets are gaining in popularity as pets, and many people wonder if they can feed them certain things that are not meat-based. Just to be clear: Ferrets should NOT eat pretzels! 

Ferrets are obligate carnivores (strict meat-eaters). That means they have digestive systems that work best if they eat meat. As a result, their bodies cannot process carbohydrates well, and they really should not feast on things like pretzels. 

Try to provide a ferret-proof diet so your furry friend can live a happy and healthy life! 

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