Tips on Crate Training A Yorkie Puppy

crate training yorie pup

Crate training your Yorkie is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your Yorkie. Crate training gives your Yorkie a place of his own where he can go to relax or sleep when he’s tired. Crate training is also a good way to housebreak your Yorkie since his instinct tells … Read more

7 Quick Dog Training Tips

Picture of a dog trained

Dogs are playful by nature. If you’ve ever seen an overly aggressive dog, you know that the animal is not often mistaken for a lap dog or a comforting hugger. Dogs want their owners to be their pack leaders and will do just about anything to see that they are. As such, every dog training … Read more

4 Incredibly Effective Crate Training Puppy Tips

puppy crate training

One of the biggest challenges for any dog owner is training your dog to go into his crate at will when you leave him home. If you don’t have a crate yet and want to start with crate training puppies, read these four handy tips to start right now. Keep in mind that training puppies … Read more

Dog Behavior Problems

dog behavior problem barking

Do you own a dog with behavior problems? As a dog owner, you will want to have a good dog behavior problem prevention program that will allow you to stop any bad behavior in the future. Training the dog while they are young will save you a lot of trouble in the future. One of … Read more

What To Look For When Buying A Puppy From A Dog Breeder

buying a puppy from a breeder

Dogs are a human’s best friend and probably the most popular of all pets. Because of their popularity and certain negative traits that every owner must deal with, like the tendency to be a chewer or the destructive ability they have at times, they are one of the species that go to our hearts the … Read more

Are You Feeding Your Pet “Mystery Meat?”

mystery meat in dog food

Have you ever taken the time to check the ingredients in your dog’s food? Most foods that we consider good for our dogs actually have completely untested ingredients and have been banned from human consumption for large parts of the past. Dogs are omnivores. So, generally speaking, there is no harm in feeding your dog … Read more

What Causes the Onset of Dog Skin Irritation [Pit Bulls]

dry skin pit bull

As dog owners, we have a responsibility for their care and well being; dogs can suffer allergies and ailments that have great similarities to human suffering but are often brushed aside. One of the most common skin conditions that a dog will suffer from is dry skin. Although this condition can be found in all … Read more

Key Training Tips For Effective Labrador Retriever Training

lab retriever puppy tips

Start socializing with your puppy at an early age. As soon as you bring them home, get them used to see and mingle with other people; babies, small children, adults, and other dogs. Some people think that this can be difficult to do because it takes a lot of trust; trust is gained from contact … Read more

15 Dog Breeds Good With Kids

dog breeds good with kids

Kids often dream of having a dog as a pet and say they would love to have a puppy. My wife is the proud owner of three beautiful Yorkie dogs. One was about 8 weeks when we got her and now she is 5 months old. The other two are 14 months old: Our three … Read more