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Tips on Crate Training A Yorkie Puppy

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Crate training your Yorkie is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your Yorkie. Crate training gives your Yorkie a place of his own where he can go to relax or sleep when he’s tired.

Crate training is also a good way to housebreak your Yorkie since his instinct tells him not to soil his bed area.

Crate training is also a good tool for giving your Yorkie a safe place to stay at night. Especially if your Yorkie is a puppy or wants to sleep in your bed with you, this is a good idea.

Start by buying a crate. There are many different types and sizes to choose from.

Make sure the crate is big enough for your Yorkie to stand up and turn.

Put some soft bedding – such as a sleeping pad, blankets, or towels – in the crate to make it more comfortable for your Yorkie.

You may want to have a helper or other family member sit with your Yorkie in the crate, but this is unnecessary.

You need to be present to teach your Yorkie to use the crate and stay in it.

This is not a place to lock your Yorkie and forget about him while you’re away, as that will lead to separation anxiety and other behavior problems.

Keeping your Yorkie on a schedule is important to crate training. That means you’re going to feed your Yorkie or even let him use the bathroom at the same time each day.

When crate training, your Yorkie needs consistent signals about the next time he’ll need to go to the bathroom.

Your Yorkie also needs to go out as soon as he wakes up, after eating or drinking, and anytime he’s interacting with you or another pet.

Your Yorkie may also need to go out immediately after playing or anytime he’s startled or scared.

Whenever your Yorkie goes out, you need to reward him with a treat or praise. Allow your Yorkie a moment to walk around the crate before he receives the treat.

When you come back, allow your Yorkie to see you in the area where he went potty.

Use the treat to get your Yorkie started outside gently. Start at the bottom of the stairs. Go a few steps and give the treat. Then move to the top and give him the treat.

Then move to the bottom a few more steps and give him the treat. You can then give your Yorkie the treat near the door or outside when you’re ready.

Soon your Yorkie will become familiar with going up or down the stairs and receiving the treat near the door.

If your Yorkie goes potty in the wrong area, get him to the correct area, show him the correct treats and give him a treat.

When you come home and see that he didn’t use the correct area, you can give him a verbal correction such as “bad dog” and then remove him from the incorrect area (if he’s in the correct area, praise him).

Using verbal and non-verbal corrections will ensure that your Yorkie will learn the positive actions to earn the approval that he needs to start learning.

Yorkies learn best when you’re consistent with your training.

Remember, however, that your Yorkie may have an accident in your home. It is important to prevent this from happening by giving your Yorkie a consistent command of “potty area” each time he goes potty.

To help prevent an accident from happening, spend some time taking your Yorkie out (or at least into the right area).

This should only take a few hours a day for your Yorkie to get the idea. Consistency is the keys to crate training your Yorkie and getting him to learn where he should go, potty.

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