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Dog Behavior Problems

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Do you own a dog with behavior problems? As a dog owner, you will want to have a good dog behavior problem prevention program that will allow you to stop any bad behavior in the future. Training the dog while they are young will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

One of the dog behavior problems that people have a problem with is their dogs barking and howling while they are gone.

The dog becomes a loner and then finds a way to get attention, and once they do this, they repeat the same behavior and make it even worse and stronger every time they are left alone.

Many people do not understand that dogs love to bark and howl, and they get lonely the same way a human gets lonesome when they are not around.

You need to try and figure out how to communicate to your dog that you will not leave them alone for long periods of time.

You want to train your dog to know that it is not good to bark and how to bark only when you want to get your attention. This is a great tip for any owner with a problem dog.

It is so important for you to control this dog behavior problem as early in the relationship as possible.

Puppies are cute, and the behavior is cute, but it will turn into a real problem and may become a safety issue for your dog as it gets to be more than a cute little problem.

One of the first things you should do with your dog as soon as you bring them home is to establish rules.

Decide how much of the house your dog is allowed to come in and out of and make sure they stay out of certain rooms or off the furniture or bed.

You can leave certain toys with your dog; some you may want to put away until you are done with a chew toy or the dog is over this age.

Do not leave food out all the time, either. Your dog will look for a way to get the food they are not getting, and they will have a way to do this if you leave food out.

If you leave your dog in the house unsupervised, all types of hazards can happen to your dog, and then you will get even more frustrated with the dog and will drive you crazy.

This is why it is best to keep your dog in a comfortable and safe environment.

Now here are a couple of things that you can do to help your dog deal with boredom. The first thing that you should do is to introduce playthings or interactive toys to your dog.

This will help your dog to feel like he is a part of the family. Dogs love to play, and there are many ways that you can do this so that your dog has a chance to have fun and get exercise at the same time.

Now here are a couple of ways that you can get exercise for your dog on a daily basis.

One of the best things that you can do for your dog to help them out tremendously is to take them on daily walks.

You will want to find a neighborhood walk that you can take your dog on during the day, and then at night, you can put the same walk-in at a dog park as well.

Walking your dog is great not only for you because you get a chance to see other people and their dogs, but it is also good for them because they get to meet other dogs.

So if you are looking to find a way to get your dog out for as long as possible and you are looking for a way to give them the exercise that they need, then you will want to try walking them daily so that they get used to it and you can maintain their health.

Aggressive Dog Behavior – Are You Causing It or Avoiding It?

dog behavior aggressive dog

Aggressive dog behavior is one of the most difficult types of behavior for dog owners to face. But it is possible to stop dog aggression behavior.

Aggressive pet behavior patterns are common, even though the cause of the behavior may not be obvious. An example of this is a dog who grows agitated every time a stranger approaches the door.

The dog is fine when someone he knows comes to the door unannounced but violently aggressive when a stranger comes to the door.

Another example is a dog who feels threatened when other people attempt to take his food.

The simple practice of consistency is the solution here. Do not free-feed your dog, and make sure that everyone else who is in the house follows that same policy.

Some dogs go crazy when their owner returns home. This is a clue that you may be causing or encouraging your dog to be overly anxious.

Do not react in a way that causes the dog to become more anxious.

Sometimes a dog will bark for no apparent reason. If you look closely, you may be able to find a squirrel in the yard. Explanation: the dog feels intimidated and wants to defend his territory.

If you have a dog that does suffer from this specific aggressive dog behavior pattern, you can change it.

Consistency is the key here. You must not go out and ignore the bad behavior, but immediately step in. You need to create an environment where he is more likely to relax.

It would help if you were as patient as possible with your dog while dealing with this. He may really have a difficult time trying to understand what is happening.

You must be consistent. Do not allow the dog to get away with anything, but something must be done every time it happens. You and your dog will be much happier when you are consistent with your behavior.

If nothing works, you may want to consider talking to a dog trainer.

Top 3 Dog Training Mistakes to Avoid

Dog behavior problems are sometimes the result of bad advice given to the owner. This is caused by either not knowing what else to do or realizing that the bad advice you are following isn’t working and giving up trying to change the situation on his own.

The three most common mistakes which occur in the field of dog behavior training are

  • Jumping up
  • Not staying put
  • Not heeling

When a dog jumps up on someone they are trying to assert their height, but with humans, it is often interpreted as them wanting to play that is why they jump up.

The problem is, in fact, that you are reinforcing the bad behavior.

You send the message to the dog that it is okay to play in front of you and get excited; that is definitely what the dog expects and is not the result you are looking for.

When you don’t follow through and make sure your dog stays where he is, he will quickly realize that you are not the alpha and begin to engage in undesirable behavior to become the alpha.

If you don’t discourage this behavior, he will likely try to dominate you and take over the alpha dog’s role.

In order to train your dog to heel and walk calmly beside you, the absolute minimum command you should teach him is the command ‘heel’.

You will be telling him to listen to your commands and behave in a way that is consistent with this.

Every time you say ‘heel’ you can be assured that your dog will get a positive message from it.

If you pat your dog or make a cute motion when you say heel and he runs off to play or follow a distraction, then you are reinforcing that he is allowed to break the rule.

The best option is to have him sit and stay for a short period of time whenever you say ‘heel.’

Eventually, he will understand that he must return to the exact place where he was when you gave the ‘heel’ command.

You must execute this action every time you issue the ‘heel’ command.

Once your dog gets the hang of it, you will be able to stop praising him for disobeying your command, and he will understand that when you give the command ‘heel,’ he will receive the reward of a long time in the ‘heel’ position played with.

If you ever have a problem with your dog while he is in the ‘heel’ position and you can’t seem to correct him, just let him know that he is doing something wrong.

You can correct him by turning and walking the other way, if you don’t follow this advice your dog will receive the praise of a short time in the ‘heel’ position when you return to your own side.

You must issue the ‘heel’ command firmly, but don’t shout it. If you yell out the word ‘heel,’ you’ll probably scare your dog.

One word is enough. The choice of words you use is not important; the important thing is that you use the same word each time.

If your dog is too excited and doesn’t listen to you when you issue the ‘heel’ command, or he goes to play when he hears you say it, then he’s showing that he wants a reward.

If you have a dog that runs to play with you when you say his name, then you’re creating a problem and need to stop.

The ‘heel’ command is not only a great method of training your dog but can also save his life in some situations.

Let’s say you’re out walking your dog off the leash, and he is focused on a treat and makes a b-line for it. If he gets to it first and you can’t catch him, you have a problem.

If you lunge for the treat, your dog will run off to play, and you won’t get the dog back until you bring him back. Training your dog to ‘heel’ will change everything.

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