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Why Does My Dog Cry When She Plays With Squeaky Toys

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It’s a heartwarming experience to get home and to have your pooch waiting for you at the door. The dog develops some excitement level, and they will react by wagging their tails and licking their owners. You should expect all forms of jubilant behavior from dogs once you go back home.

Why does my dog bring me a toy when I get home?

One reaction that says it all is when your dog greets you withholding its favorite toy in his/her mouth. Some pet owners may become confused and startled by this phenomenon.

The reason why some dogs react that way might be a mystery, but the dogs have different motives as to why they react that way.

Below are some common reasons that may trigger such behavior.

It wants to play

It might indicate that the dog wants to play and expend some energy. If you regularly play with your pooch using such paraphernalia, then its most likely associates the toy with paly time.

If you observe your dog wagging its tail or exhibiting some other signs of excitement, it might be communicating to you that it wants to play with you alongside the toy.

It wants to share

Animals are generous and compassionate to their caregivers, and when you note that your pooch greets you with a toy and drops it once you have a grip, it simply implies it wants to share with you.

If you share a close relationship with your pooch, it restores trust in you, and it can share its favorite toy with you.

A study shows that dogs can share their food with other dogs, which implies they may be expressing the same feeling when it comes to their favorite toy.

It likes to carry the toy in its mouth

Some dogs also may develop strong attachments with their toys, which makes them inseparable.

When your dog comes to greet you upon your arrival holding its toy, it may indicate it’s not leaving its friend behind.

The behavior is easy to spot since the dog will roam with the toy around the house most of the time. You may observe some may find it hard to stay away from their toys.

Your Dog Wants to Show Their Toy Off

Some dogs show off their toys by prancing in front of their owners. If your dog depicts such behavior, it might not necessarily want to play with you but show off its favorite toy.

They may become protective if they don’t want you to touch the toy.

Why does my dog chew his toys on me?

squeaky toy fun

Have you ever wondered why your dog jumped on your lap and started chewing their toys? This doesn’t happen to all dog owners, but those who do will get confused with this behavior.

Do dogs chew on their toys to let them know they are having fun? Are they going to tell you that they want your attention?

Is this a sign of threat or domination? Why is the dog chewing your toy?

Seeking attention

You know a dog loves its owner’s attention. A dog chewing on a toy can be one way to get your attention.

When your dog is trying to get your attention, try showing him more compassion at different times of the day.

The only way to notice him is by making sure he doesn’t want to chew on the toy in your lap.


If your dog is chewing on your toy, it means the dog trusts you. As long as your dog appreciates your presence, he will want to chew on his toy.

It is a good condition for them. A dog that bites you is no different from a young child who wants to play with their parents’ toys.

Animals and humans are attracted to their caretakers. The next time the dog jumps on your lap and starts chewing on your toy, that will be a huge compliment and tell you a lot about how he sees you.

You are alpha

Because dogs are pack animals, they often treat people around them.

This attitude is even stronger when the dog sees you (Alpha) as someone protecting him. This makes you the target of the chewing game.


Is your dog chewing on a toy in your lap but still in a hurry to let go? Are they yelling aggressively at their toys?

If so, they will likely tell you that they want to play. Your dog may want to know that he is in a good mood and needs some energy!

Why does my dog cry when he plays with squeaky toys?

Squeaky toys are used to distract and capture the attention of toddlers. However, these playful objects have become an ideal playing object that distracts dogs and invokes their playful behavior.

At times, the toy can trigger a negative response such as anger and agitation, and at times, it may cause some level of stress in some dogs.

The squeaky sound level can gradually annoy your pooch if they are not used to such noise. Many dogs associate the squeaky sound with other related sounds that may be from small animals or puppies.

Some dogs cry when playing with the squeaky toys because they are mimicking and imitating the sound produced by the toy if they are in a playful state.

The squeaky sound may also trigger their predator instincts.

Regardless of the probable cause that triggers man’s best friend to cry, it is certainly highly connected to the ancestral dynamics that trigger them to hunt squeaky animals such as birds.

The toy’s squeaky sound may invoke their desire to protect the toy from other people or pets. The behavior may become too much and annoying, especially when the toy and dog are competing to produce the wailing and squeaky sounds.

The best solution would be to get rid of the toy to discourage such behavior if it’s becoming too much for you to handle.

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