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What Causes the Onset of Dog Skin Irritation [Pit Bulls]

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As dog owners, we have a responsibility for their care and well being; dogs can suffer allergies and ailments that have great similarities to human suffering but are often brushed aside. One of the most common skin conditions that a dog will suffer from is dry skin.

Although this condition can be found in all breeds of dogs, Pit Bulls stand out as being particularly prone to this condition due to the short hair and the hides that are very sensitive.

This condition can be relatively complex, but the main causes are allergies and excess skin oils produced by the dog.

Dry Skin Spot On Dog?

The causes of dry skin for dogs are complex and something that a breeder or owner can fail to notice, although when they are aware of the causes – steps can be taken to avoid the causes, and minimize the effects of the conditions the dog’s coat and skin.

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The causes of this condition can be extensive and something that you should educate yourself on before you purchase a dog breed that is known to be suffering from this condition.

Once the causes of this condition have been found, you will find that the best way to treat the condition is to purchase dog food specific to your dog’s dry skin condition.

Although you may have taken your dog to the groomers for a full shave down, this may not cause dry skin. In many cases, the cause can be found by removing the oily coats that are clogging the dog’s fur.

If you have determined that excessive oils cause dry skin, you can picka special dog food, primarily for your dog’s coat and skin condition.

You will find that most dog foods are created so that the correct balanced diet for the dog is composed.

If you find that a simple diet of water and chicken is the cause of the flaky skin on your Pit Bull, you will discover that this simple diet will resolve the problem quite quickly.

A lot of Pit Bull owners include omega-3 supplements in their dog’s daily diet.

What To Use On A Dog With Dry Skin?

One of the best ways to solve the problem of dry skin is to purchase a dog shampoo and conditioner made for such skin conditions.

Steered clear of shampoos and conditioners made with sulfate products.

These products will cause the oil to worsen the condition.

You should also avoid products that contain surfactants, although the ingredient list will not tell you whether they are a surfactant.

It is always best to choose a product that is not overly supplied with chemical ingredients.

Your Pit Bull may not enjoy the bath, but it is necessary to ensure that he has adequate treatment for his dry skin and more harm is prevented from him.

What Can You Do For a Dog With Dry Skin?

Bathing your dog regularly will also ensure that you are removing any excess skin that may have become dry. If you bathe your dog every two to four weeks, he should not suffer from too much dry skin.

It is important to ensure that when you remove any excess skin, there is no injury to the area. If you are concerned about how often you should bathe your dog, it is a good idea to discuss this with your veterinarian.

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Your veterinarian may offer some great suggestions that will help ensure that your dog has adequate protection from the elements and is not harmed in any way.

It is important to protect your dog’s skin, and you can do this with a regular bath and with the right grooming products provided by your veterinarian.

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