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The Basics of Effective Puppy Training

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It is effortless to confuse puppies. Yet, we unconsciously cause havoc for them in the form of inconsistent ‘thoughts’ and ‘acts.’ This Article addresses the fundamental confusion that plagues all would-be dog owners and their pups.

Puppy Training – Emotions

Though it is now widely understood that a dog’s emotions are quite different from ours, dogs react to specific stimuli in the same way that we do.

Puppy Training – Interpret your Puppys Emotions

Remember that as a new dog owner, you may not differentiate between fear and anger. Fear is a traumatic experience related to an unpleasant experience that the dog has encountered. A dog’s emotions may not always be easy to interpret.

A dog’s immediate reaction to fear may be to lash out and bite, hoping to defend himself.

It is important to take this emotion out of the equation by Understanding what the puppy feels and removing him from this situation.

Though your puppy may appear to be uninterested in learning, oftentimes he actually is! Puppies want to please you!

If your been unkind to him in the past, he is going to be more reluctant to do as you ask.

You must change your approach and become more consistent. If you start teaching your dog manners and complaining when he does something wrong, he will become skeptical and be confused as to why you are getting so upset.

If you become more strict in disciplining and then rewarding him when he portrays a better behavior, he will produce an opposite effect.

Puppy Training – Coping

If you have a dog that believes he is in charge, then he simply won’t respond well to your commands. It’s going to take time but… you WILL get there! Be persistent and firm in your actions!

Puppy Training – Determination

Again, consistency is the key here. If you want to train your dog successfully, you need to remain consistent. Don’t fall for those cute looks you get when your puppy misbehaves.

Puppy Training – Patience

No matter how adorable your puppy is, he is still just a puppy. It will take time, just like when you are potty training and he poops indoors.

Common sense shows that when he does it, it was because you gave him permission to.

If you don’t want your dog peeing indoors, then you need to show him where he can go. Until he does, he doesn’t know any better.

Puppy Training – Praise and Reward

Puppy training is not easy by any means! It will take time and a lot of patience from you, but most of all, you need to remember the most important of all important things – Love and Praise!

They are looking to you for approval and guide. But you must show them exactly what you expect of them.

A lot of people forget that the key to dog training is patience. Dog training, and to some extent puppy training, is about training your puppy to love and respect its owner.

Love your puppy and it will treasured and respect you for many years to come.

Why Feeding the Right Food is Important For Your Puppy

By simply making a few general observations you can easily see that the task of maintaining a healthy diet for your dog is a lot easier when you take an hour or two to do it.

You will end up with a healthier dog that lives longer, and your pocketbook will reflect the extra life you save.

Your dog deserves to live the healthiest and longest life possible, and the best way to ensure this is to start her life when she is the fittest pet possible.

Please do this by feeding natural foods and avoid artificial ingredients.

If you want to know what you are up against when you go shopping for your pet food you will find a lot of great information on the internet.

This from personal experience I believe is well worth the effort. My own research has led me to discover that I was giving the wrong information on just how important grade and premium foods can be to my dog’s health.

Grade and Premium foods

 Carries the label of having the highest grade ingredients only;

……Premium Foods are the ones with the highest nutritional value for your pet, containing the highest quality ingredients that are vital to your pet’s health.

……Many holistic veterinarians recommend that we use quality protein from a holistic dog food diet rather than a product that is made up of corn, meat, and bone meal. Many holistic veterinarians will opt for holistic food because no company does DNA testing to see what’s in the foods. Much holistic food has extra ingredients that are not found in other brands of foods. They use organic, holistic, and dispensational ingredients.

If you can stomach the extra spending and plenty of organic foods out there besides the big names, you will be glad you did.

read.. do you feed mystery meat to your dog?

The formulations used to give nutrition to our dogs are quite accepted in the dog world.

Many people make their own dog food and feed their animals with ingredients that make sense to them.

A veterinarian may even be the person to get you started. Once you stand back and consider where you are coming up short, you will likely make better decisions and show better direction.

Also, look for animal and plant sources only, and do your best to avoid artificial colors, preservatives, Flavors (which are bad for your dog’s health).

Easy Reliable Puppy Training Tips


Training your puppy need not be that difficult and can be a lot of fun. Before we start puppy training, it is important for you to know that it is all right to expect your puppy to give you a few mistakes now and again.

But this is a perfectly natural thing that happens as every human baby goes through the same process.

Now that he has been trained, you should not have too much trouble in understanding what the mistake is.

Instead of yelling at your puppy, you can just say “no” and straightaway carry on with rewarding him for doing something right. This would be a good start in correcting your puppy’s behavior.

In the initial phases of training, you need to be extra patient with your puppy. You may not get too upset if he messes up by the way he does his business inside the house or chewing up your shoes.

He has to grow a habit in order to learn. When he makes a mistake, just firmly state that he has to do it differently and carry on with the positive training for the next time.

If you are successful largely depends on your own persistence and tolerance. If you go online and do a little research, you would find many puppy training tips available.

Keeping Your Puppy Safe

When using online training tips, it is important to ensure the safety of your puppy at all times.

Training tips online let you carry out the training at your own pace and at the comfort of your home.

If you cannot bring your puppy to be trained, then you will have to make sure that you have the right stamina and patience for the training.

Be The Alpha Dog

It is necessary that before you carry out puppy training, you have to be clear about the ground rules that you may set in place.

If you have not set the rules, then your puppy will do whatever he wants to and he will seldom feel as though you are his alpha dog.

In the end, if you carry out your training with persistence, dedication, and patience, your puppy will not ignore you.

He will acknowledge you as his pack leader, and in the long run, he will then no longer have reasons to fight with you and other household members.

You have to teach him who the boss is. If you don’t think you can do it, then you shouldn’t try it. An owner who lacks judgment is likely not to get the desired results.

When you have learned the fundamentals of how to train your puppy, it is important to continue to work on the advanced skills that will build on what you have already covered.

You will get a head start by only training your puppy the skills that you require in the early stages.

While your puppy is very young, it is possible that he gets distracted and starts playing around. You have to be very focused during this time.

By incorporating talented and professional people to train your puppy, you could avoid a serious problem in the future with a dog that is unruly and incapable of listening.

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