mystery meat in dog food

Are You Feeding Your Pet “Mystery Meat?”

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Have you ever taken the time to check the ingredients in your dog’s food? Most foods that we consider good for our dogs actually have completely untested ingredients and have been banned from human consumption for large parts of the past.

Dogs are omnivores. So, generally speaking, there is no harm in feeding your dog with meat and vegetables.

But have you ever looked closely at the ingredients listed on the label of your dog´s food? Some of those routinely discovered ingredients aren’t even beneficial or healthy for our dogs at all. Yet, you can still find brands that proclaim they are loaded with quality meat.

Or even worse, they might contain unspecified species of animals and proportions of beef, chicken, and pork that don’t line up with the label on the can.

If the dog food label allows you to separate the different kinds of meat easily and isn’t misleading you, there’s probably very little “mystery meat” used.

Even if the dog food label gives us a picture of the meat, most buyers will still choose to close their eyes to what parts of the animal they actually feed their dogs.

There may have been a genetic mutation that makes some types of meat extremely harmful to canines. These meat-by-products generally could make their way into the pet food that is made today.

Regularly, these meat-by products are internal organs of ground, cleaned, and processed into what are called by-products.

These byproducts are the waste products after the slaughter process of the animals. What’s left behind is basically a pile of parts that once fit for human consumption, now cannot be processed into anything. These parts can include heads, feet, bones, blood, fetuses, etc.

It’s only because these animals are deemed unfit for human consumption that these Byproducts end up being the pet food of choice.

When choosing to feed your dog the byproducts from the animal, you can be sure that there will be no restrictions concerning what can be fed to the pet as long as it is found to be within the guidelines laid out by the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

Yet another reason that people may choose to feed their dogs the byproducts is the fact that it is cheaper than meat.

Since these byproducts can be found at much lower prices, a person may decide to feed their dog the byproducts rather than spend more money on a premium dog food that benefits them in the long run.

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These byproducts may really contain quite a bit of stuff that would end up being harmful to a dog. These include organs, blood, bones, fatty tissues, and intestines.

So you can see that there is a valid point for people to want to be picky when choosing a dog food.

I know that it can be difficult to just spend more money so that your dog gets the best nutrients possible.

However, I am sure that you will see that merely limiting the amount of dog food containing meat-by-products for your dog will positively impact their health.

Your Dogs Diet and Nutritional Requirements

dog vitamins mytery food

When you own a dog, you want to ensure that you are feeding him nutritional and healthy foods. If you try to be knowledgeable about his specific breed, you can balance his diet and nutritional requirements.

Your dog’s breed plays an important part when you’re choosing his food.

Just like if you were choosing food for yourself, you need to make sure that you’re feeding your dog a high in nutrients and well-balanced diet so that he doesn’t become overweight, which may lead to some serious health conditions.

Problems like obesity and cardiovascular problems may start to appear in your dog if you’re feeding him the wrong foods or if you’re not weighing his food.

Aside from this, it would help if you also considered that too much fat could also lead to a problem called pancreatitis.

If you value your animal and care about it, you should learn how to select the best food for your dog.

Some people buy the first thing they see on the supermarket shelf as their dog is just that, a dog, so why would you want to feed him foods that aren’t healthy?

I know how nice it is to be fashionable, but you have to remember that your dog is underneath all that fashionable skin. You need to think about your dog’s nutritional requirements and what foods will keep your dog the healthiest.

The first step in choosing the right food for your dog is understanding what his nutritional requirements are.

Let’s say that your dog is a large breed dog and very active. He’s eating a healthy high-protein diet because it will keep him lean and help him have a good, healthy body.

On the other hand, if your dog is a smaller breed, he probably wouldn’t want to be overfed, and his diet would need to be adjusted accordingly.

First of all, you should avoid foods that contain artificial colors, additives, preservatives, and long lists of chemicals.

A dog’s digestive system shouldn’t contain artificial colors or additives. Some of these things can be toxic if your dog consumes them over the long term.

Like you should check the ingredients on the foods you eat, you should do the same for your dog. Don’t just take it for granted that dog food ingredients are a good choice for your canine friend.

Secondly, you need to introduce certain vitamins and minerals to keep your dog healthy. Since they need more of everything, you need to ensure that you include a mixture of foods to keep them as healthy as possible.

There are several examples. You may want to consider mixing in a digestive tonic that supports your dog’s liver.

You may give him an extra boost for his immune system with whole and fresh foods rich in Omega fatty acids or fish liver oils.

A few canine vitamins can promote a shinier coat and a healthier brain as well.

Once you know the dog food ingredients that your dog needs, you can keep an eye on his diet, you want to make sure you give him at least some meat, vegetables, and grain so that you can keep him healthy and promote his health for a long time.

Cheers to good health for your favorite pet!

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