First Aid Kit For Ferrets

a ferret in front of sume medical devices and some medicine pills scissors and so on

It is highly recommended always to have a first aid kit on hand so you can take care of your ferret should the situation arise. You can buy a ferret first aid kit from your local veterinary clinic or pet supply store. If you feel like making one yourself, it will be cheaper and better …

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How to Keep Your Ferrets Hydrated

ferret looks at green cupp wants to drink

There is no shortage of options when choosing a ferret water bottle. You can choose from plastic or glass bottles, and there are many different sizes available. These water bottles come in different sizes, so you’ll find one that fits perfectly into your ferrets’ environment. Occasionally, ferrets have trouble drinking from bowls and bottles; water …

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The Best Ferret Harness 2021

a ferret on a leash and harness outside

Have you ever tried going for a walk with your ferret? It’s surprisingly difficult. Luckily, a number of clever inventors have created products to help ferret owners take their fuzzy friends for a walk. We’ve reviewed and ranked the best harnesses on the market so you don’t have to worry about which one is right …

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The Best Shampoo For Ferrets

a ferret wet from a bath in a plastic tub

When it comes to the care of a pet ferret, the first thing you should consider is shampoo. If your ferrets are used to living in cages and avoid contact with dirt or water, then regular use of shampoo can be an unnecessary addition. But for those ferrets who spend time on the ground and …

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Best Ferret Litter 2021

wooden-pellets for ferret cage

Litter is a vital part of ferret care. It helps to keep their environment clean and disinfected. Some ferret owners may suggest using a shredded paper-based litter made for cats or use a specially made brand for ferrets. This sort of litter does not clump either, which can become problematic as you need to scoop …

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The Best Ferret Cage Cover

cage covers

Are you looking for the best ferret cage cover? The Best Ferret Cage Cover is the model from MidWest Homes. When choosing the best ferret cage cover, your primary considerations should be how well it blocks out light and how easy it is to install. MidWest Cages Covers are made of a heavy-duty polyester fabric …

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Best Ferret Foods Buying Guide 2021

a ferret eating out of its bowl mouth open and looking at camera

What is the best food for your ferret? That’s a question many people new to ferrets ask. The answer is, many commercial foods for ferrets have their own advantages and disadvantages. This post will talk about what you should look for in a good kibble and raw food for your ferret and what some of …

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