What Toys Can Your Ferret Play With?

ferret in its cage with toys

Every ferret needs toys to play with. Ferrets are naturally curious and playful creatures, which means they need many things to keep them entertained. A bored ferret is an unhappy ferret! Whether you’re shopping for your own pet or thinking about buying one as a gift, knowing what type of toy is best can make … Read more

Best Soft Ferret Food

two ferrets looking at camera

Ferrets are obligate carnivores which means that their diet is based on meat only. Ferrets are known to be picky eaters, and some ferrets don’t like kibble, especially when they are ill or recovering from surgery. When it’s time to switch from dry to soft ferret food, pet food manufacturers provide few options for quality … Read more

Best Bedding For Ferrets

ferret looking out of its cage

The best bedding for ferrets is something I will be talking about in this article. I will cover the different types of bedding that you can use in your ferret’s cage. I’ll also discuss how to choose a good one and address some common questions about what they like or don’t. What Kind Of Bedding … Read more

Best Cat Food For Ferrets in 2021

a cat sitting at a table and looking at the camera

When it comes to selecting the best cat food for ferrets, there are two main things to consider: your ferret’s dietary needs and your budget. There is no point in spending a fortune on expensive foods if you don’t need them, but you also want something that will meet all of your pet’s nutritional requirements. … Read more

The Best Ferret Backpacks in 2021

a ferret backpack in Bubble Style

There are many different types of ferret backpacks on the market. When deciding which one to purchase, it is important to consider a few different factors such as size, storage capacity, and what materials they are made out of. In this post, we will explore some of the best options available in 2021 for all … Read more

7 Best Ferret Cages 2021

best cage for ferrets

There’s no doubt that ferrets make fantastic pets. According to the American Ferret Association, they’re the third most popular pet in the country. However, owning a ferret is hard work and requires a lot of maintenance and attention. As a result, finding the right ferret cage that provides your ferret with enough space and comfort … Read more