Useful Abbreviations & Acronyms

a grey ferret eating out of its bowl on a red background

Have you ever read instructions or medical information and did not know what the abbreviations meant? So here we go:    Abbreviations Meanings Ab antibody ACE angiotensin-converting-enzyme ACL anterior cruciate ligament ACT activated clotting time ACTH adrenocorticotropic hormone ADH antidiuretic hormone ad lib as much as desired ag antigen AGID agar gel immunodiffusion AI artificial …

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Common Diseases In Ferrets And Their Treatments

Ferrets are enjoyable, exotic, and energetic pets who will keep you engaged and joyful whenever you are with them. But, just like most other pets, ferrets are also prone to a lot of diseases. Learning about your ferret’s most common conditions can help you better prepare to recognize the signs and symptoms or possibly even …

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