Should You Get Ferrets in Pairs?

three young ferrets all in different colors

Do you have a ferret? If so, do they seem to be lonely at times or can’t find anything to play with? It might be time for you to get another ferret and introduce it into your home. Ferrets are social creatures that need companionship to thrive and feel content. Whether you’re thinking about getting … Read more

What Toys Can Your Ferret Play With?

ferret in its cage with toys

Every ferret needs toys to play with. Ferrets are naturally curious and playful creatures, which means they need many things to keep them entertained. A bored ferret is an unhappy ferret! Whether you’re shopping for your own pet or thinking about buying one as a gift, knowing what type of toy is best can make … Read more

Can Ferrets Learn Their Name

a ferret and some green stuff plants

Ferrets are a lot of fun to have as pets. They’re playful, and they love attention. One way to interact with your ferret is by teaching them tricks like coming when you call their name! This article will discuss if ferrets know their name, how you can teach them to, and more about what makes … Read more

Best Soft Ferret Food

two ferrets looking at camera

Ferrets are obligate carnivores which means that their diet is based on meat only. Ferrets are known to be picky eaters, and some ferrets don’t like kibble, especially when they are ill or recovering from surgery. When it’s time to switch from dry to soft ferret food, pet food manufacturers provide few options for quality … Read more

Ferret Body Types: Get to Know Your Ferrets

a person holding a ferret in his hand

There are three different body types in ferrets, are the Bulldog, Greyhound, and Whippet. Each of these breeds can be found in various colors, such as sable or black and tan. Officially and according to the AFA it’s eight different colors in total. Different types have different bone structures and weight distribution. They all have … Read more

Ferret Colors and Patterns

a ferret dirt on its nose in nthe grass

Ferrets are known for their interesting coat colors and patterns. Many different brown, black, white, and grey shades make up the ferret’s coat. Some even have a combination of these colors! The coloration can change dramatically with each seasonal coat change and with age. If you purchase a ferret specifically for its coloring or markings … Read more