Bobs Chicken Gravy Preparation Tips

meatgrinder grinding meat_chicken

Set aside a few hours the first time you create Bob’s, Chicken Gravy. It is much more pleasant not to be terribly rushed while figuring out things. If the stuff becomes too thick from the blender, the blades are only whirling around beneath the chicken (you’ll hear it if it happens), add some water into … Read more

Why Do Ferrets Smell

Do ferrets smell

The first thing you need to know about keeping ferrets as pets is that yes, they smell. Ferrets are not particularly smelly creatures, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a scent. Like any small animal, they produce an odor that is a natural musky scent. A ferret smells because they have scent glands that … Read more

How To Stay Healthy Around Pet Ferrets

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When you own a pet ferret, there are many things you need to do to ensure that you and your pet are as safe as possible. Pet ferrets can transmit several diseases and viruses to humans. Here are some tips to help you stay healthy around pet ferrets, so you can enjoy this amazing animal … Read more

Do Ferrets Love Their Owners?

do ferrets love owners_1

Ferrets are playful, loving, and energetic little critters who can make adorable pets for the right person.  But do they like their owners?  Do they care whether or not you’re there?  This is a complicated question that cannot be answered with a single, simple yes or no. After all, ferrets are very social animals, and … Read more

Why Are Ferrets Illegal In California

ferrets in california

So, you live in California, and you’re considering becoming a ferret owner? That’s great! Ferrets make great pets. But, there’s one thing you should know: Ferrets are illegal in California The state constitution of California states that domestic animals are legal. However, the Fish and Game Commission classifies ferrets as wild and that they are … Read more

What is a Group of Ferrets Called?

what do you call a group of ferrets

Ferret fanciers the world over know that there is no such thing as an ordinary ferret. They can be timid or bold, aggressive or docile, but one thing is for certain: they are always playful and fun. Ferrets are also very social, so keep that in mind before you bring one home, because they will … Read more

Grooming Tips For Your Ferret

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Grooming your ferret may seem unnecessary, but it’s essential to your ferret’s health. Grooming can help you detect any illness or injury your ferret might have. Your ferret’s skin will be smoother and less itchy after being taken care of.   Grooming also helps you develop a bond with your ferret while helping you learn … Read more

Top 9 Reasons Why Ferrets Make Good Pets

a sleeping ferret in a sock?

Ferrets can be a lot of work. They chew, dig, destroy, and can be a big pain to potty train.  But, despite these problems, most ferret owners will tell you that they absolutely love their pets.  It’s not hard to see why.   Ferrets are pretty darn cute, and they make awesome pets for those … Read more