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How To Teach Your Dog Tricks

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Are you looking for a way to teach your dog some tricks? There are several different tools that can help you to teach your dog tricks, such as clickers and whistles as well as lures and treats.

With the positive attitude that teaching your dog tricks will be a lot more successful, try not to get annoyed and frustrated.

Patience will take you a long way, and you should make sure you´re the person with the dog treat in your hand. It’s all about praise and reward.

Ensure that you praise your dog every time he or she follows your command, and give your dog a treat every time he or she does. Before long, your dog will follow your commands correctly, and it will be easy to teach new tricks.

Three Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog

You won’t need to use treats to encourage your dog because they will love the praise you lavish on them. Besides praising them, you need to use a lure or a reward that your dog loves and works hard for.

There are a few things you need to know about lures and treats


A lure is a tool that you pull back on when your dog is at heel level so that your dog wants to follow the lure. You carry the lure in your left hand and hold it close to your body.

Various trainers recommend that you open your hand with the lure when your dog is at heel level to encourage your dog to come to you.

I haven’t tried this since my dogs are off-leash and just chasing the lure around. If you don’t have a closed hand when you give the command, it could be a little too late, so I recommend having a second person hold onto your dog’s collar so that they are still close to you and your side.


A treat is the tool used when your dog is rewarded with a lure. You will have your treat pocketed in your pocket so that your dog can eat on the left side of your body and wait for your next command. Think about the last time you saw someone eating at the table without a sandwich.

When you follow the simple steps above, I’m sure your dog will be able to learn the tricks in no time.

You may want to keep a treat in your pocket so that when your dog does try to take it away from you, your dog won’t know that the treatment is just a little reward and may try to instead go for the treatment itself.

Don’t Let Your Dog Bite The Rope

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What you want to do now is basically repeat the two sessions whenever your dog is about to bite the rope, you immediately stop him.

Now, whenever your dog backs off from the rope, you really need to make sure you praise them and give them another treat because, without positive reinforcement, your dog may not be inclined to do it again.

In about two weeks, you should have your dog doing this trick without using a lure, but instead using the verbal command.

By then you hopefully won’t need to give him a reward all the time

General Dog Training – How to Train Your Dog

One of the challenges that face every dog owner is training the dog. While it may be excused to say that the owners and the dogs are in harmony and enjoy each other, that is not always the case.

The question that this article poses is how to train your dog to be obedient.

Training may seem like a daunting task, but it is a simple task that will give the owner tremendous advantages in the long run.

When training the dog, maintain a strong, assertive tone. This allows the dog to know that you are the alpha-dog in the relationship.

The trainer should have a good number of treats that he may use. This allows the dog to be more obedient and responsive to his trainer.

Decide on command for the dog to learn and always stick with it.

The aggressive behavior of a dog can be curbed through socialization at a young age. Entice your dog to socialize with other dogs, kids, neighbors, and people.

This will allow the dog to adapt to more situations than ever before.

Dogs should have a routine that they can start to follow. Take the dog out for special exercise every day.

Hitting or yelling at a dog will NOT fix the problem. This will just make the dog be scared of you. This will not fix the behavioral issue, but will simply make it worse.

When you want to cure excessive barking behavior, you should first determine the reasons why the dog is barking.

This can be done by identifying the situations that cause the dog to start barking.

When your dog is barking extensively, you should walk away from the dog and ignore it. After a while, the dog will realize that it is not getting the attention it expects when barking.

When the dog stops barking, you can then reward it by telling it that it is a good dog.

If you want to make sure that the dog doesn’t bark at strangers that come over to your home, you should try to create a so-called barrier between the dog and the strangers.

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